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Owners, and eclectic couple, Michael Anapol and Kathie Gibboney, are keeping the aloha spirit alive by bringing their own special spirit to the neighborhood. Anapol grew up just west of the Shack, surfing and playing volleyball at Bay St. and State Beach. In support of his beach habit he began working in some of L.A.s finest restaurants and soon developed a passion for good food and pride in good service.  He even married a chef, innovative Lisa Stalvey, who further schooled him. Although divorced, they remain good friends and working partners, having even competed together on NBC’s restaurant reality show, The Chopping Block, where they progressed to finalists. Living with his family in Topanga, Michael, who has always wanted to open his own place, was lured down from the Canyon and out of the water, by the vision he saw for Ocean Park and 17th.  “This is it!” he announced, at last.    

       Kathie Gibboney, who is a tiki aficionado, developed the Shack’s tiki/surf décor, and, although she never thought she would work in a restaurant again, is very  excited about the venture.  “But what will I wear?” she ponders.          

        Of course, Lisa Stalvey, who has continued in a successful culinary career, was brought on board as chef and states, “We’re going to serve some bitchin’ burgers Dude!”

      Come check out the Shaka Shack and order amazing burgers, (vegetarian as well), to go, or pull up a beach chair and hang with us awhile.



JIMMIE MORRISON- (no not thee Jim Morrison, but just as cool!)

The Man Behind the Perfect Burger, Jimmie is the cook behind the griddles at Shaka Shack. Jimmie came to us the same week he prayed for a change in his life via a the friend of Lisa's. He was cooking at Disney and my friend Beth, who is responsible for the menu design, asked Jimmie if he or anyone he knew would want to work at a really cool burger joint running the kitchen. He could not believe it!! He came in the next day and is now turning out the perfect burger after burger. He is making Mike, Kathie and Lisa proud with the love and care he puts into each and every burger.

LISA STALVEY- Consulting Chef for Shaka Shack, Lisa has loved cooking her whole life. She started with her mother at 12 and by the time she was 19 she started waiting tables and soon entered the kitchen by making herself some eggs. The chef recognized a natural talent and recruited her into the kitchen. She continued on to Ma Maison to meet Wolfgang Puck, yet again by happenstance after a commercial audition gone wrong.

She thought it was a dress shop to relieve her sadness! Her 'falling' into jobs after that kept on going until Spago. She had been let go from La Toque, the same evening she was hired at Spago by Mark Peel and Wolfgang Puck. In her third year, she became the head chef. She then left and consulted for 12 restaurants after that, cooked privately, traveled to Iceland to bring culinary dishes from California to this beautiful country, was Executive Chef at Bambu, Malibu for 4 years and finally was hired by Paul Newman to write 2 cookbooks and create 2 sauces for Newman's Own.

Over the last 10 years, Lisa has consulted for several franchises and started a catering business and cooking for clients to help with their diets and weight management. Now, she is proud to be a part of Michael and Kathie's dream and make it a success!




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