The meaning of shaka

THE MEANING OF 'SHAKA'                                            

The SHAKA is a sign used by Hawaiian locals to convey the, ‘aloha spirit’, it’s a gesture of friendship and understanding between cultures.  It can also mean, ‘all right’, ‘cool’, ‘hang loose’, ‘howzit brah?’, ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, and ‘mahalo’.  In sign language it is one of two signs used to refer to surfing.   Shaka On!

Welcome to Shaka Shack, a unique, cool, new burger place in Santa Monica.

Stepping into the Shack is a trip to a tiki, surf, burger paradise, reminiscent of a 1960’s rumpus room.  An oceanic mural covers one wall, kitsch lighting, including a blow fish hangs from above and the sleek blue floor shimmers like water. The counter is custom made from an ala ia surfboard.   And the burgers would please the Surf Gods themselves.

Shaka On!    


Below: The Kauaiian


Chef Lisa Stalvey has been in the business for 33 years and is so excited to create an original burger joint using Hawaii as an inspiration. Lisa was lucky enough to have trained under Wolfgang Puck, eventually becoming his head chef at Spago Sunset. And later opening Bambu in Malibu achieving 2 awards as one of the Top 100 Chefs in America in 2006/2007. After having worked in both high end and casual restaurants, they all decided that the days of high end eating might be a thing of the past and wanted a casual dining experience.

The ingredients used are of the highest quality and the to go containers, cups, forks, straws and napkins are all eco-friendly made from corn and is biodegradable. Michael and Kathy are avid believers in doing their part to help this planet live a long, long time.

Together, the three of them create a dynamic team full of high energy, passion, creativity and determination to build a strong chain of Shaka Shack Burgers to come in a neighborhood near you! For more information about Lisa, see About Us page.


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